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What Steps are Involved in a Metal Roof Restoration?


Close up of a dirty metal roofA solution to a metal roof showing signs of wear and tear is going through the process of getting it restored. When your roof is restored, it can both extend the lifespan of your metal roof while making it more aesthetically pleasing.

Restoring a metal roof is a task to be done by a roofing professional. What is involved in a metal roof restoration? There are several steps completed consecutively to make a metal roof restoration successful including:

  • Roof Inspection
  • Performing Roof Repairs
  • Pressure cleaning to remove embedded dirt
  • Painting your Roof

Roof Inspection

If it is the time for your metal roof to be restored, chances are that it might have some problems that are caused by age or damage. Before any products are applied, a thorough roof assessment and inspection will be completed. For example, a metal roof is quite susceptible to rust, which can be removed by roofing experts if needed.

It is inadvisable to conduct any inspections yourself, as going onto the roof without proper training can cause more damage to your metal roof.

Performing Roof Repairs

Before the application of any materials for the actual restoration get underway, any damages to the roof will need to be repaired. During the inspection, your local roof restoration professional will check for faulty or missing fasteners and washers, damaged sheets, and any other problems that might cause issue with your home and roof. Once the repairs are complete, your roofing expert can move onto the next step.

Pressure cleaning to remove embedded dirt

Painted Tin RoofMoss, mildew and mould can cause extra problems for your home, so this is an important step in the process of getting your metal roof restored. Your metal roof will need to be cleaned thoroughly before anything is applied otherwise the pieces of moss and dirt and other debris will become lodged underneath the coatings of membrane and paint. Most roof restoration experts will use a pressure cleaner for this process, as it easily removes and cleans any embedded dirt on your metal roof.

Painting your Roof

Painting your roof will involve a fully adhered, seamless, fluid roofing membrane application. When applied correctly, this will breathe new life into your roof and make a big difference to the appeal it brings. If you plan to sell your home, a freshly painted roof may even help with increasing the value of the house. There is a specific approach to painting metal roofs that has many application techniques that a professional roof restoration expert will be able to help you with.

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