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When Should I Get My Roof Painted?


Painted Tin RoofHaving a well-kept roof has many benefits – the value of your house can be higher, there are less chances of leaks and damages, and it can create a much nicer look for your home. If you want to refresh your roof, having it professionally painted is a great way to make sure it is in the best condition possible.

When hiring a professional roofing service like RoofWest Roof Restorations, you want to make sure you are choosing the best time and season for the best results.

  • Why Does My Roof Need Painting?
  • What Season is Best for Painting My Roof?
  • How Long Does Roof Painting Last?

Why Does My Roof Need Painting?

Roof painting, also known as roof coating, is a great way to give your roof a ‘lift’ and make it look more presentable and appealing. Having your roof professionally painted includes the application of a fully-adhered, seamless fluid-applied roofing membrane to protect your home and reflect some of the sun’s rays.

What Season is Best for Having My Roof Painted?

While each season comes with its own benefits and potential disadvantages, roof painting can be done through all seasons. Speak to a roof painting professional who can advise the best time of year to have your roof painted, based on the climate and seasonal weather.

How Long Does Roof Painting Last?

Gorgeous roof painted by RoofWestHaving your roof professionally painted, prolongs your roof life and increases comfort to the dwellers. Professional roof painting/roof coating will last much longer than just your average paint. It can extend the life of your roof for about 10 years or more depending on thickness, conditions, and type. The best way to tell if your roof needs repainting is to get in touch with a roofing expert and have them survey the roof for you.

Get Your Roof Professionally Painted by the Experts at RoofWest Roof Restorations.

With over 35 years’ experience in roof painting and roof restoration work in Bunbury and the South West, the professionally trained experts at RoofWest Roof Restoration are your trusted local roofing specialists. With RoofWest Roof Restorations, we guarantee the use of high-quality products and expert workmanship for your roof.

For a FREE quote to have your roof painted or restored, call Tom and the team today on 08 9795 9990.

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