When Should I Re Point My Roof Tiles


PointingRoofs are normally given a 10 year guarantee and if regular maintenance checks are done by a professional roofer it should preserve your roof from looking tired and worn.

A fundamental structure of your tiled roof is the pointing, this is a process of using mortar to seal and hold tiling together stopping moisture seeping into the underlying surface of your roof.

To repoint is to fix cracks or breaks in the mortar giving added strength and structure in high winds or when debris falls onto the roof. If your tiles are loose, they can be a hazard, especially if they fall off the surface and land on unsuspecting pedestrians walking by OUCH!

How do I know when I need Repointing?

  • The Roofs Age
  • Tiles are Faded
  • Cracks in Tiles and/or Mortar
  • Wet Stains Inside the Home on Your Ceiling or Walls

The Roof’s Age

Some roofs have had no work for 10 years or more and still look fine from afar although closely could have possible cracks, chips and general wear and tear from the elements, this can make them look years older from no maintenance.

Tiles are Faded

Faded tiles will add years to the look of a home and make it look tired. With no protection to the surface this exposure can be subjected to further damage.

sad roof tilesCracks in Tiles and/or Mortar

When tiles and mortar have cracks or chips this is an invitation for moisture to come into the underneath of the tiles surface. Further damage can also be caused if not attended to before wet weather comes about.

Wet Stains Inside the Home on Your Ceiling or Walls

If tiles are cracked or broken due to wet weather or fallen branches then moisture can leak underneath the tiles, through insulation and onto the inside ceiling of your home that could later cause sagging if not attended to as soon as possible.

For Roof Re Pointing and All Roofing Problems

When it comes to roof restoration needs big or small, addressing maintenance issues will be a great preventative to future water leaks that if untreated can lead to mould and mildew or more extensive damage. To prevent water damage and othe roofing issues in your home, contact ROOFWEST for a free onsite quote on 9795 9990.

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