Which Shade of White Should I Paint My Walls?


Internal PaintingThere is an abundance of colours to choose from when painting the walls of your home. However, one of the most classic and popular colour choices is still white. Painting a room white can make an area brighter and give a clean look and feel. White is a great colour choice as it compliments most furnishings, floors and window coverings.

While many would assume white is a straightforward colour choice, there are varying shades of the colour white. Read on to learn which shade of white is right for you when painting your home including:


Each colour has an underlying undertone, either warm or cool. When looking at the colour white, a shade of white that has a beige, off-white or yellow tinge to it has a warm undertone. Shades of white with a blue or pink tinge have a cool undertone.   

White with a warm undertone

White wall by RoofwestAs the name suggests, warm undertones create a sense of warmth. They work well with earthy, natural shades. If your home has wooden furniture or hard flooring, warm shades of white compliment these well. A room styled with indoor plants will also look great when painted in a warm white shade. Lighting in a room can impact how the shade of white on your wall look. Painting walls a shade of white with a warm undertone, is the ideal way to brighten up a space that doesn’t get much natural light too.

White with a cool undertone

To add a crisp, clean and modern look to a room, a cool undertone shade of white is best. Cool whites help to balance bright light meaning rooms with bright lighting or an abundance of natural light entering, are best to have the walls painting in a cool undertone white. Cool undertone white walls can be complemented by adding colour through furniture, textiles and paintings in a room.

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