Who can clean my Gutter and Roof in the South West?


Coated Roof with new guttering by ROOFWEST Roof RestorationsThe roof and gutters of your home tend not be part of our maintenance list unless they are showing signs of needing attention. Although in saying that there are several things that should be maintained to prevent any damage down the track.

If your home is surrounded by large trees, checking the debris build up in the gutters should be looked at every 6 – 12 months, clearing debris, checking for any damage and fix where needed. This will ensure continual flow through to gutter pipes and drain water away from the home during the wet weather months.

Part of the Roof maintenance should be of cleaning, this brings life back to your roof and clears away debris that could potentially go into gutters causing blockages.

The process for Gutter and Roof Maintenance

  • Roof and Gutter inspections
  • Replacement or fixtures of Tiles or Tin
  • High Pressure Cleaning

Roof and Gutter Inspections

A roof specialist will check your roof and gutters for any maintenance issues that need to be addressed. RoofWest Roof Restoration is your perfect choose as we cover the whole of the South West and provide Free Quotes.

Replacement of fixtures with tiles or tin

sad roof tilesPart of the inspection will note any cracks in tiling or lifting of tin, damage to brackets, mortar amongst tiling that needs to be redone or repointing or recapping to be replaced.

High Pressure Cleaning

Once the inspection and all maintenance has been done to the roof and gutters then a high pressure clean of the roof surface and gutters is done to give the roof the roof the finishing touch and bring it back to life again. This process helps with the removal of all debris from leaves, birds and moss build up.

Does your Roof and Gutters need a good clean?

If your Roof and Gutters need a good clean, look no further than RoofWest Roof Restoration on 9795 9990 for all your Roof Cleaning and maintenance.

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