Who Can I Get to Paint my Business in the South West?


Painting services By Roofwest Roof Restorations and Painters


To maintain its professional appearance for clients, visitors and employees, it’s important to keep your business well maintained. There are many factors that go into ensuring your business looks professional and well maintained and one of these is the quality of paintwork. Whether it be painting the internal or external areas, restore the professional look and appeal of your business by having it professionally painted.

ROOFWEST Roof Restoration’s painting service offers a team of male and female professional painters who are fully insured, qualified and experienced in a wide range of commercial and industrial painting.

Here are just a few reasons why hiring ROOFWEST to paint your business is a smart decision:

  • Provide a Great Working Environment for Employees
  • Council or Shire Permits
  • Quality Products and Finishes

Provide a Great Working Environment for Employeess

Whether it be a fresh coat of the existing paint colour or a complete colour change, painting your business is one of the most cost-effective ways to provide a great work environment. A freshly painted business can even create a positive change in the mood and energy of your employees which in turn can boost staff morale. The better your staff feel, the more productive they are too.

Council or Shire Permits

When painting your business, if there’s a possibility of obstructing any part of a public thoroughfare (including roads, parking bays, footpaths or verges) local councils and/or shires must be notified as certain permits can be required. RoofWest have extensive knowledge in permit requirements and experience in completing the necessary paperwork and the procedures to follow to obtain these permits.

Colour swatchQuality Products and Finishes

RoofWest painters use leading and highly reputable paint brands such as Taubman’s and Dulux to ensure a high standard finish that will maintain its colour and finish. Our team are qualified and highly experienced in on trend painting techniques, decorative finishes and are up to date with the correct way to apply textured coatings. Your paint work is fully guaranteed and compliant with current Australian Standards.

Contact ROOFWEST, the South West Painting Professionals Today

Whatever your reason for painting your business, the RoofWest team will ensure the job is completed to the highest standard possible. The RoofWest painting professionals have years of expertise and will happily assess your painting needs, offering expert advice regarding colour choice and design options.

Based in Bunbury, ROOFWEST Roof Restoration offers business painting services throughout the South West and Great Southern Region. Contact Tom and the team for your FREE appraisal and QUOTE, we are happy to assess your needs and give you the right advice.

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