Who Can I Get to Re Paint My Roof?


Nice shiny new roof coatingRoofs are the first to be in contact with the harsh weather conditions like rain, winds, hail and sun. Over time your roof can show wear, fading or the paint may peel from tiles. Cosmetically. this aging will affect the look of your roof, plus if left unattended could allow your tiles or tin to left and allow the weather to cause damage to your roof. Early preventative maintenance is likely to save you money in the long run.

Speaking to a professional Roof Specialist will ensure your roof is given a full inspection and bring that lustrous look back to your roof.

What Is Involved in The Process Of Re Painting A Roof

  • Cleaning
  • Inspection of the Roof
  • Re-Point and Replace
  • Prime and Seal
  • Paint Application


Our process using high pressure cleaning will removes all unwanted debris and plant growth; giving a dust free surface that can be easily inspected to ensure any roofing issues are found.

Inspection of the Roof

Vitally important to have your roof inspected, to check for cracked, missing tiles and gaps in the tiling. For tin roof inspection is also important to check that sheets are fasten securely to prevent lifting and that no holes have formed. Any maintenance will need to be conducted before the painting process to give added protection to the roof surface.

Re-Point and Replace

PointingRe-Pointing and replacing of tiles have also be identified when the inspection is conducted. The process re-pointing involves ridge capping that is repointed ( gaps filled and restuck into place) using an acrylic mix.

Prime and Seal

Priming and sealing prepares the roof for the adhesion of paint and seals any gaps cracks that could cause leakage.

Paint Application

The paint application is applied using a protective membrane coating of Dulux AcraTex, This product is UV resistant solar reflective and comes with a 10 year warranty. It is different to outdoor paint as it expands in the weather elements, has a greater thickness and is less likely to peel as it is made for the conditions.

Who Can I Get to Re Paint My Roof?

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