Who Can I Get to Restore My Tin Roof


Rusty Roof in need of a Roof SpecialistWhen it comes to that time to restore your tin roof there are a quite a few positives that will bring life back to your roof and the protection of your home.

Older style metal / tin roofs can be that made up an alloy that is lead and tin, they can be in materials of flat or corrugated. Newer roofs are generally COLORBOND® which is a type of steel. If your roof has become bare metal it will not be protected and can be subjected to oxygen and moisture, which in time will cause rusting. Rusting can be seen as the reddish brown decay you may see on the surface. If left untreated the rusting will continue to cause more damage to the tin and may become bigger and cause leakage.

Preparing for Repairs to Your Tin Roof

  • Contacting the Roof Specialists
  • Cleaning
  • Repair
  • Painting

Contacting the Roof SpecialistRe Roofing by Roofwest Bunbury

When it comes to your Roof you want the work done properly the first time with quality performance and a guaranteed satisfaction. A Roof Specialist with experience and knowledge will ensure your roof is given the attention it needs. Your roof should be thoroughly inspected for all maintenance and repair issues with a quote from start to finish.


Metal-pressure cleaningOnce the inspection has been done, make sure you get a quote and before any repair work starts, (this should be free). Then you can contract the Roofing Specialist and a cleaning process will be done, that involves a high pressure clean, this will ensure all debris and surface dirt is removed giving a clean surface.


Depending on the individual roof and what is required, there might be flaps of tin to reattach, rust patches or whole sheets to replace, guttering to redo and flush with the maintenance of downpipes too.


There are several steps to this process that will maintain the strength and durability of your Roofs life up to 10 years or more. The painting is an added protection that can help reflect the suns rays and ultraviolet rays that will then drop the temperature in the home to saving all round.

Where Can I Find a Roof Specialists?

ROOFWEST Roof Restoration has over 35 years’ experience in the industry and will give you the right solution for your needs. Free quotes and advice. Contact Tom and the team at ROOF WEST today on 9795 9990 for your free onsite quote on all your roof restoration needs.


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