Who Can Paint my Office in Bunbury?


As the saying goes, everything old is new again and a fresh coat of paint can make your office look and feel new again. Deciding to paint your office will be a gift that keeps on giving. The advantages are endless, not only can a freshly painted office inject a renewed sense of passion and purpose amongst employees, but can also boost your business by giving visitors and clients a great new impression of your work place.

What should be considered when deciding Who Can Paint your Office in Bunbury?

  • Colour choices to consider when painting your office
  • Consider the whole area when painting your office
  • Preparing to paint your office 

Colour Choices Available when Painting your Office in Bunbury

Life is filled with colour and colour can influence our moods and emotions. Bright and Bold colours can make us feel happy or energised while dark and dull colours can make us feel sad or tired. The effect colour has on emotions means you must consider all options when choosing which colour to paint your office. The impact of changing your office colour can be financially beneficial to your business so is a choice not to take lightly.


White is often associated with being crisp, clean and professional.  While these are all positive appearance attributes, you must ensure your office doesn’t have a sterile look and feel by being painted all white. Adding a splash of colour by creating a feature wall or using an off white or matte finish can be an ideal way to use white without your office looking and feeling too clinical.


colour palette

Yellow is a colour that like the sun boasts energy and brightness. Yellow can be a good option when painting your office however you must consider the size of the space it is being used in. Smaller spaces may feel too overwhelming and overbearing if painted all yellow while larger areas are more suitable as yellow often represents happiness and positivity.


Blue being the colour of the sky and sea, it is often associated with depth and stability so can be a popular choice for painting offices. Blue is considered beneficial to the mind and the body and is a great colour that can be accessorised with ornaments and paintings. The shade of blue is important as a light shade can promote a sense of space while a darker shade can give a professional look and feel.


The colour brown is a warm colour that people often associate with earth and nature. If choosing this colour to paint your office it can bring those inviting warm and earthy tones indoors creating a positive effect on the mind and body by creating feelings of stability and peace. While brown can sometimes be considered as a dull colour, it is important to consider the shade of brown you are using as often tans and beige tones can be the most aesthetically pleasing.

Consider the Whole Area when Painting your Office

Consider your office as a whole when choosing your paint colour, right from the outdoor area before entering the building to the back outdoor area if that is utilised by yourself and/or employees. While painting your office can create a huge impact on the overall appearance, it is important to consider the lighting plus the colour of your decor, floor and window coverings too.

Lighting is an important function to be considered when painting your office. Poor lighting can be too bright which creates glare and headaches or too dull which can cause eye strain and fatigue so it is important to consider the current lighting before choosing which colour to paint your office.

Your office may have bold and bright colour flooring, window coverings or furniture as it is currently painted white, so painting in a striking colour may not be a good match or mean you need to consider changing the decor, floor and window coverings too.

Indoor plant

Indoor plants can symbolise prosperity and good luck so can be a great addition to your office. They can add character and are available in many different sizes so can be used to fill space or provide privacy while also being the source of calm and peace on a busy day.

Preparing to Paint your Office 

To ensure the success of any good painting job then the preparation is crucial. Ensure you are using qualified tradesmen who are highly experienced in painting techniques, decorative finishes and are up to date with the correct way to apply textured coatings.  Using leading and highly reputable paint brands such as Taubman’s and Dulux will ensure a high standard finish that will be maintained.

Ensure your tradesmen are professional with an eye for attention to detail who pride themselves on superior quality. As a customer you must also ensure that your office paint job is fully guaranteed and compliant with the current Australian Standard.

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