Why Are My Gutters Sagging?


Gutter repairThe gutters on your home have a vital role to play ensuring water drains away properly. If you notice your gutters are sagging, it’s important to prioritise having them repaired. If left, sagging gutters can allow water to enter the roof cavity of your home causing extensive damagie to the foundations and wiring.

You may be wondering what caused your gutters to sag? Read on to learn 3 common causes including:

  • Your gutters are overfilled with debris
  • Your gutters are the wrong size
  • Your gutters are no longer stable

Your gutters are overfilled with debris

The most common culprit of sagging gutters is they filled with debris. Leaves, sticks and sand blow into gutters and if not cleaned regular, this debris builds up over time. The result, water can’t flow freely pools in the gutters too. The weight from the water and debris can no longer be supported causing the gutters to sag.

Your gutters are the wrong size

The best sized gutters for your home will be determined by a few factors including the slope of your roof and the amount of rainfall where you live. Gutters that are too small will fill with water and weigh down guttering causing it to sag. Each time rainfall occurs, the weight continues to put strain on your gutters and will eventually see screws coming loose and falling. Gutters that are the wrong size is normally not something that can be maintained over time. It is normally best to have them replaced to the correct size to eliminate ongoing problems.

Your gutters are no longer stable

Gutters by ROOFWESTWhile most gutters are made from durable materials, they are not made to last forever. Gutters will naturally deteriorate over the years and eventually begin to bend and twist out of shape. When this occurs, gutters are no longer stable and its inevitable they will begin to sag. When this occurs, its recommended to have your gutters replaced to maintain the structural stability of your home.  

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