Why are My Roof Tiles Broken?


roof tiles brokenAs the entire surface of your roof is not visible from the ground, damage such as broken roof tiles can easily go unnoticed. Broken roof tiles can affect the function of your roof and its ability to protect you and your home. For this reason, it’s important to have broken roof tiles repaired. In many cases, your roof may need to be repointed which is a long term, durable solution.

Read on to learn 3 factors that can lead to roof tiles breaking including:

  • Not having your roof inspected regularly
  • Extreme weather
  • Foot traffic

Not having your roof inspected regularly

It is recommended to have a professional regular inspect the surface of your roof for damage. Identifying damage early and prioritising repairs can prevent extensive and costly damage in the future. A professional roof inspection will identify signs of damage including missing nails and screws, cracks, chips or breaks in tiles, crumbling mortar. If broken roof tiles are not repaired or replaced, water can enter the roof of your home causing damage to wiring and the internal structures.

Extreme weather

Re Pointing by ROOFWEST BunburyYour roof is exposed to the extremes of the weather from the strong winds and heavy rains of winter to the extreme heat of summer. Varying weather conditions can damage the surface of your roof including the tiles. Hailstorms can be damaging to roof tiles causing them to break resulting in winter rainfall to enter your roof.

Foot traffic 

You may think its harmless to climb onto your roof to retrieve a ball or check for damage, however it is recommended to only have professionals walk on a roofs surface. Not only is it dangerous but those who are not trained professionals can accidentally step on roof tiles causing them to break.

ROOFWEST are your Bunbury roof repointing specialists

If you are looking for not only a licenced team of professionals, but also a friendly and reliable company then look no further than ROOFWEST Roof Restorations.  

Tom and his team offer a range of roof restoration services including:

  • Roof Restoration
  • Roof Coating
  • Re Guttering

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