Why Choose ROOFWEST Roller Shutters?


Roller Shutters Roofwest BunburyAre you looking for a stylish solution to your privacy, sound and thermal regulation issues?
Is your home too cold in winter and too hot in summer and your tired of the growing power bill? Do you work shifts and need complete darkness during the day? Or do you feel the need for added security in your area? ROOFWEST Roof Restoration Roller Shutters are your answer.

Not only do roller shutters look attractive and add value to your home, they can provide a host of advantages when supplied and installed by a reputable company such as ROOFWEST Roof Restorations. Specialising in roof repair and restoration in the South West for over 35 years, ROOFWEST understand the need for superior service and products and offer premium grade Roller Shutters to their customers for the best in:

  • Reduced Light and Noise
  • Decreased Energy Consumption
  • Increased Security

Reduced Light and Noise

By installing ROOFWEST Roller Shutters, you can reduce the invasion of noise and light into your home by up to 50%. Perfect for shift workers and light sleepers, as well as those who simply enjoy quiet within their homes.

Decreased Energy Consumption

roller shutters by RoofWestIn order to decrease your energy consumption from heating and cooling appliances, the heat and cool must be restricted from entering your home through gaps in doors and windows. Roller shutters cover and seal doors and windows to prevent the heat leaking out or the harsh sunlight searing in. Reduce the need for costly appliances and capitalise in thermal regulation by simply rolling the shutter up to let the suns warmth in, or down to keep it out.

Increased Security

ROOFWEST Roller Shutters are made from the premium grade metal and a mounted flush on the outside of the window, therefore they cannot be pulled away from the window or door. For the security conscious who are home alone or for those who spend extended periods away from their house, ROOFWEST Roller Shutters are the perfect solution for security and privacy.

Why Should I Buy Roller Shutters For My Home?

The ultimate in window protection and available in a wide range of assorted colours and patterns to suit your home design, premium roller shutters manufactured and supplied by ROOFWEST Roof Restoration boast a range of benefits that save you money and make you more comfortable in your home. Call the team at ROOFWEST Roof Restorations today on 9795 9990 for a free, no obligation quote.

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