Why Is My Roof Leaking?


sad roof tilesNo matter how new or maintained your roof surface is, leaks can occur at any time. Not specifically exclusive to the winter months, wet patches on your ceiling can appear at any time of the year when water gets into the roof cavity as a result of cracks, damage, wear and tear or faulty joins in the roof surface.

ROOFWEST Roof Restoration are your local choice in roof maintenance and repair, specialising in quality products and service to restore your roof to prolong its lifespan. Your roof bears the brunt of the harshest of elements in our Australian climate and ROOFWEST have all the know-how when it comes to constructing, cleaning, restoring, repairing and maintaining roofs specific to the South West.

Some reasons your roof could be leaking include:

  • Broken Tiles
  • Overflowing gutters
  • Anchor Points Not Sealed Adequately
  • Dislodged capping
  • Rusted and damaged tin

Broken Tiles

Perhaps the most common cause of roof leaks are broken tiles. Tiles can get broken by harsh weather, pets walking on the roof surface or children’s toys ending up on the roof. Check above wet patches in your ceiling for broken or loose tiles and arrange replacements.

Overflowing Gutters

Leaves and debris will eventually cause major blockage in your gutters, resulting in the water not having anywhere to flow when it rains. Clearing your gutters and downpipe openings regularly will ensure the water flows freely and doesn’t pool and overflow.

Anchor Points Not Sealed Adequately

The joins in your roof need to meet properly and be sealed adequately to prevent water leaking in at these locations. If your roof has several levels and joins, ensure these areas are sealed properly to avoid pooling of run-off water here.

Catching dripsDislodged Capping

Capping protects the joins in your roof, as well as looking decorative and providing a run off surface. If this capping comes loose, it can not only damage other parts of your roof surface, it will let a huge amount of water into your roof cavity.

Rusted and Damaged Tin

Rust will eat away at tin, making it weak and full of holes. This kind of tin is usually found where water can not escape and corrodes fast. Damaged tin, such as cracked, worn or bent surfaces, will also allow not just the water into your roof cavity, but also vermin to nest in your roof insulation.

Who Can Help Me With My Leaking Roof?

ROOFWEST Roof Restorations has over 35 years’ experience in roof restoration and repair in the South West. From tired and fading roof surfaces to full re-roofing services, ROOFWEST use quality roof materials and coating products to ensure you get the best workmanship and outcome possible. Call the team on 9795 9990 today for your free onsite quote.

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