Why is the Paint on my Home Fading?


Restoring the beauty of your home is something all homeowners hope to maintain. A home boasting beautiful paintwork on the outside, will boost its street appeal and make it stand out from the crowd when it comes time to sell. A homes interior paintwork can enhance natural light, brighten up areas and in turn boost your energy and mood. A question commonly asked is “Why does the paint colour fade faster than expected?” Well, the answer is, it shouldn’t!

Read on to learn a few reasons why the paint on both the inside and outside of your home can fade faster than expected:

  • Insufficient Preparation
  • Poor Quality Products
  • No Topcoat or Undercoat

Insufficient Preparation

Internal Painting and correct preparationBefore painting can commence, it’s important to ensure correct preparation has been carried out. This is not as simple as washing down the area to be painted, the time and care taken to prepare a surface for painting is just as important as the painting itself. The exterior of a home plus areas inside the home prone to moisture, such as the bathroom and its adjoining rooms, can be breeding grounds for mould and fungi, both which require complete removal before painting can begin.

Small holes and cracks must also be filled in using a high-quality filler and surfaces sanded before painting can begin. The amount of time and work involved in these tasks will be dependent on the condition of the existing paintwork and the material of the surface.

Poor Quality Products

If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Using quality paint brands like DULUX and Taubmans, will give you peace of mind knowing your paint job will last for years. DULUX and Taubmans both have an enormous range of colours to choose from and can transform the inside and outside of your property, restoring its beauty while adding value.

No Topcoat or Undercoat

When it comes to painting your home, it’s best left to a team of professionals with the understanding of correct application techniques and the number of paint coats required. Did you know, the paint colour itself is not the only product that should be used? To ensure a high- quality finish and the longevity of your paint job, an undercoat and topcoat must be used. Neglecting to use an undercoat and topcoat, plus insufficient layers of paint, can make your homes paintwork prone to premature fading.

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