Why is There Rust on My Gutters?


Gutter repairRust is one of the most common types of damage that occurs to tin gutters. When gutters begin to rust, the issue can escalate quickly causing gutters to crumble away. If your gutters are discoloured with rust, it’s time to call the professionals and discuss having them repaired or replaced.  The length of the damage along the rusted gutter will determine the extent of how much of the gutter needs to be removed and replaced.

Why do gutters rust? Read on to learn 3 common causes including:

  • Age and Wear and Tear
  • Leaves that haven’t been cleared regularly
  • Gutters are not angled correctly

Age and Wear and Tear

Just as your roof does, your gutters have an important role to play. For this reason, regular maintenance on your gutters is also encouraged. Even the highest quality gutters will experience wear and tear and deteriorate over time. If the gutters on your home are more than 15 years and old and rust is appearing, it may be time to consider replacing them.

Leaves that haven’t been cleared regularly

Leaves make their way into gutters. Certain species of trees leaves are particularly acid so if these aren’t cleared regularly from gutters can cause rust to develop. This issue can occur to both new and old guttering therefore the importance of cleaning any leaves from gutters regularly.

Gutters are not angled correctly

Guttering by RoofWestIf guttering is not angled correctly towards the downpipe, debris and water can accumulate. Stagnant water left in gutters will speed up the process of rust developing. If you suspect your guttering is not angled correctly, prioritise having them professionally inspected and re-angled if required.

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