Why Roof Cleaning is so Important?


Roof cleaning should be part of the home maintenance routine, keeping up to date with roof cleaning will prevent decay forming or complete replacements on your roof surface.

Having this regime conducted on your roof surface will extend the lifespan due to noticing any fixtures that might need attending to that will stop further damage that might happen.

A positive to having the expertise of a Roofing specialist conduct a thorough clean is they can give attention to detail as they know what they are looking for and they have the experience of working on roof tops and know where to walk safely not to cause any further damage to the surface.

What to think about with a Roof Clean

  • DIY Cleaning
  • Roof Algae
  • Pricing
  • Process

DIY Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning the roof, yourself be prepared to give half a day to the project and ensure you purchase the correct the cleaning products. Safety is a must so making sure you are aware of how to walk on the roof surface and keeping a good footing will see no accidents happen. Although when having the Roof Specialist conduct the service the company is fully insured and well equipped to getting the job done.

Roof Algae

Roof Algae not only looks unappealing but the underlining reason for the growth needs to be actioned as soon as possible. Algae is a living thing and feeds off the limestone filler and if not removed it will eventually take years off the life of your roof.


As there a few stages for the clean of the roof surface, having an experienced Roofing specialist doing the clean will ensure that any maintenance issues are noted and can be maintained keeping your roof in great condition, this is well worth the money at the end of the day.


There are a couple of processes when it comes to roof cleaning, one being the pressure washing, removing debris of mould, algae, dirt or grime and the other is the chemical clean which will remove more harmful things off the roof surface.

Is Your Roof in Need of a Much Needed Clean?

When it comes to Roof cleaning, RoofWest Roof Restoration services have the expertise and knowledge to maintain the quality of your Roof. Contact Tom and the team today on 9795 9990.

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