Why Should Roof Repairs Be Done by A Professional?


Roof restoration by RoofWestIf you fancy yourself as a DIY enthusiast, it’s easy to presume you could easily repair the roof of your home. However, this is not the case. It is often underestimated just how challenging roof repairs can be plus when working on a roof, safety is imperative. Roof repairs involve working at heights and climbing up and down ladders, both activities are dangerous and safety hazards.

Safety isn’t the only reason it’s important to ensure roof repairs are carried out by a professional, read on to learn 3 other reasons roof repairs should be done by a professional including:

  • Correct Materials, Tools and Equipment
  • Industry Experience and Knowledge
  • Warranty and Insurance Repairs

Correct Materials, Tools and Equipment

When repairing your roof, it’s important to use the correct materials, tools and equipment. A small mistake can fast become costly and a large repair job when incorrect materials are used. Professional roofers have the full range of tools and equipment needed to complete roofing repairs. If attempting to repair a roof yourself, these tools and equipment can be expensive to hire and have a time frame when needing to be returned. As roof repairs are more labour intensive than many people assume, this can lead to you needing to extend the hire for longer than you thought. 

Industry Experience and Knowledge

Roof repair by RoofWestHiring a trusted, experienced professional to inspect your roof is best. Tom and his team at ROOFWEST Roof Restoration have the industry experience, training and knowledge in all facets of roof inspections, maintenance and repairs and can provide a reliable assessment of your roof’s condition. Professional roofers will complete roof repairs must faster than you would be able to. A roof repair is not necessarily a job that can be worked on a few hours here and there as if not completed in full, your roof can be left exposed to the elements.

Warranty and Insurance Repairs

Insurance policies and/or warranties have their own set of terms and conditions regarding roof repairs. Dependant on your individual policy, roof repairs may be covered under warranty or your home insurance. However, to be eligible to make a claim, many warranties and insurance companies will only consider claims where the roof repairs have been done by a professional. Check your individual insurance policy and/or warranty for specific terms and conditions relating to your roof.

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