Will Painting My Home Help to Create a New Look and Feel?


beautifully painted roomThe past few months has seen most of us staying safe by staying home. The extra time at home has also invigorated people to restore the beauty of their home with many people spending time on home improvement projects. If you are looking to give your home a new look and feel, painting is a simple and cost-effective solution. Whether you are looking for a complete colour change to all areas or simply creating a feature in certain rooms, painting is the ideal way to create a new look and feel in your home.

How can painting your home help to create a new look and feel? Read on to learn 3 ways including:

  • Incorporate bold colour accents
  • Contrast colours with furnishings
  • Use metallic tones

Incorporate bold colour accents 

Bold colours can portray a sense of happiness, fun and joy in your home however the thought of having your whole home painted bright yellow may not be overly appealing. A new look and feel can be created by incorporating bold colours as accents to areas such as window frames, doors or feature walls. These bold colours can be enhanced by hanging artwork on walls that include splashes of these bold colours to help create a fresh look and feel.  

Contrast colours with furnishings

Collie Living After PaintingWhile painting your home is within your budget, replacing all your existing furniture may not. Look at your existing furniture and choose a painting colour scheme in a contrasting colour that create new look and feel, without having to re-furnish your whole home. If the furniture in your home is mainly earthy tones, using a beige or light brown colour on walls and a deep brown on skirting boards and door frames will create a gorgeous monochrome colour scheme.

Use metallic tones

While a bright yellow painted home may not be appealing, a whole home painted a dull neutral tone may be playing it too safe. A great way to change the look and feel of a neutral colour scheme is by incorporating metallic tones such as gold, silver, bronze and copper. Painting your ceiling or feature walls in a metallic tone is a stylish way to break up a neutral coloured area and give a new image to your home.   

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