Will Removing Moss Off My Roof Add Value to My Home?


IBroken roof tilesf you are looking to sell your home, or even just have it valued, you want it to look its best. Your roof is like a hairstyle for your home – clean and well-kept or neglected and dirty. Keeping your roof surface clean and free of debris is essential to not only maintain the quality of your roof but to preserve the appeal and add value to your home.

Structural Damage

Moss and mould not only looks unsightly but can damage the structural integrity of any type of roof material. Or even worse hide issues that if fixed quickly will be a minor inconvenience yet if left could turn into a very costly fix. Moss commonly thrives in damp and shady environments, establishing its roots on the surface and starting the degradation of your home. Moss can lift tiles, resulting in holes and leaks into your home and constant moisture results in bacteria and mould growth.

Structural issues may not be obvious to buyers or property appraisers at face value but a poor inspection report due to faults in the roof material can cost you in emergency repairs or even losing a sale.

Make It Look Like NewCoated Roof by ROOFWEST Bunbury

A clean well kept roof can increase the value of your home. Cleaning your existing roof not only saves you money but can still have a significant impact on your home’s value. Painting or coating your tiled roof could be another option to give your home a new lease on life.Removing moss or any other type of debris from your roof should always be done by a professional. Moss can make the roof surface extremely slippery and unsafe so don’t be tempted to tackle the job as a DIY.

Will Removing Moss Off My Roof Add Value to My Home?

Yes, it will look good and as we all know appearance is everything. If you are considering selling a well kept roof could make all the difference.

Professional Local Roof Contractor

ROOFWEST are local, experienced and offer honest and professional service when it comes to your roof cleaning requirements. For a free quote, call Tom on 08 9795 9990 and see the potential and value in your roof today!

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